Pulp molding machine

The pulp molding machine is provided with a frame, and a reciprocating pushing device is arranged on the frame. The reciprocating pushing device connects the vacuum box body and the forming mold in turn. The vacuum box body and the forming mold are fixed on the movable plate of the frame, above the forming mold. There is a paste box. The structural design feature is characterized in that an upper moving plate is arranged on the rack above the slurry box, the upper moving plate is connected with the upper urging device, and a fixed cover is fixed, the quantitative cover is matched with the forming mold, and the exhaust valve and the exhaust valve are arranged on the quantitative cover. Inflation valve. This pulp molding machine has the advantage of uniform molding thickness.

The manual crusher is the most common type of device for producing cool and refreshing ice for your alcoholic or soft drinks and meals, including seafood dishes.
A manual device will normally feature a set of stainless steel blades which are rotated to slice and crush the ice, usually by turning a rotary crank handle on the side of the crushing machine. A cheap crusher will be capable of producing plenty of ice, but it`s wiser to spend a bit more if you want a top quality device which is robust enough to serve you well for years.
We have some excellent quality hand-operated crushers from leading UK stores including John Lewis, Argos, Tesco, Amazon, Heal & Son, Play.com and Drinkstuff - all at the best prices around. Cheap or expensive, small or large - you won`t find a better range of manual crushers anywhere else.
Most manual ice crushers are made from a combination of chrome, glass and toughened plastic and are capable of producing fine or course crushed ice. Many come with a handy plastic scoop and ice tray.

Ice Crusher

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