Reasons for using laser particle size analyzer in electrostatic powder coating industry

Laser particle size analyzer has many advantages, and has become one of the most popular particle size testing instruments at present, with the following advantages:

The dynamic range is large, which means that the ratio of the largest particle size to the smallest particle size that the instrument can measure simultaneously is large. The larger the dynamic range, the more convenient it is to use, and the stronger the ability to test a wide distribution of samples.

The measurement speed is fast, and the whole process of testing a sample usually only takes two or three minutes.

The repeatability is good, because the sample volume is much more than other instruments, and the photoelectric sampling is performed more than 100 times for the same sampling, so the repeatability of the measurement is high, and the typical accuracy of the average particle size can reach within 3%.

Easy operation and low environmental requirements. Compared with the existing various particle instruments, it has the advantages of not being affected by the ambient temperature and low requirements for the operator.

The particle size distribution range and particle characteristics of powder coating particles belong to the superior field of laser particle size analyzer. And because the laser particle size analyzer has a wide range of applications, it can also detect raw material powders for coating production (such as titanium dioxide, calcium carbonate, etc.) for manufacturers.

With the popularization of laser particle size analyzer and the development and progress of domestic laser particle size analyzer, the price of the instrument is no longer hundreds of thousands of yuan, and products with high cost performance can be bought within 100,000 yuan.

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