Shanghai Jianhu discusses various problems of the test machine

1. Is deformation the same as displacement?

Before answering these two questions, let us first understand the concept of this. Deformation refers to the phenomenon that the sample generates force under the force during the test, and its shape and size also change is called deformation, that is, the deformation of the test piece. The popular point of displacement is the distance that the beam moves in the testing machine from the beginning of the stress (refers to the distance the beam moves). In less demanding tests, displacement can be used instead of deformation. However, the displacement of the beam is not the actual accurate deformation of the specimen. There is a certain difference between the data measured by the displacement and the data measured by the deformation. And there must be less than or equal to the relationship between deformation and displacement. If you want to determine the more accurate deformation, you must quote the extensometer.

2. Can all functions of the testing machine be used in the test?

the answer is negative. I have consulted a lot of users. According to their response, if the usage rate of the function reaches 70%, it is already very good. Most users generally use 50%. In terms of test curves, the tester curve can simultaneously record various test curves such as force-deformation, deformation-time, force-time, stress-strain, and force-displacement. However, most test users pay more attention to the force-deformation curve, and even if the curve is only to observe the basic shape of the curve, it is done. So what is the reason for this phenomenon? It is mainly a problem of the manufacturer's design. When designing the test machine, it cannot be said that it is suitable for which industry or enterprise. In addition, in order to meet the increasing demand for development, many functions are to increase the scalability, so that the expansion and addition of new technologies have increased the users of all walks of life. So more is just in case, usually not used.

3. Will the mobile phone interfere with the testing machine equipment?

This problem is divided into two parts. For a test machine with a computer, if the mobile phone notes are close to the computer case, some noise may be generated. This is similar to the Internet surfing at home. The interference caused by the mobile phone is the same. Big. And it will not have any impact on the test machine itself, because the transmission lines of the test machine are shielded lines, which have a certain anti-interference.

4. Basic functions of tensile testing machine: tensile properties, tensile strength and deformation rate, tensile strength, tear resistance, heat seal strength, roller peel test, 90-degree peel, rope breaking force, pants type Tear force, 180 degree peeling, compression test, bending test, shear test, burst test, etc. to complete different tests, according to customer needs, you can install different fixtures, wide sample fixtures, Japanese-style fixtures, British Fixtures, etc. meet the standards of many countries.

5. The design of the main machine and auxiliary equipment of the testing machine draws on the advanced technology from abroad, with beautiful appearance, convenient operation and stable and reliable performance. The computer system passes the wing instrument controller and the servo motor rotates through the speed control system. After decelerating through the deceleration system, the moving beam is driven up and down by the precision screw pair to complete the stretching, compression, bending, shearing and more A variety of mechanical performance tests, no pollution, low noise, high efficiency, a very wide speed range and beam travel distance, and a wide variety of test accessories, in the mechanical properties of metal, non-metallic, composite materials and products , Has very broad application prospects. At the same time, according to GB, ISO, JIS, ASTM, DIN and users provide a variety of standards for testing and data processing. The machine is widely used in the inspection and analysis of materials in construction and building materials, aerospace, machinery manufacturing, wire and cable, rubber and plastics, textiles, home appliances and other industries. Ideal test equipment. (End)

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