Spray bottle: user experience good packaging form

Spray bottles are now mainly used in the cosmetic packaging field. By converting the bottle cap into a spray head, the cosmetic liquid in the bottle body can be evenly sprayed on the skin, which has a better experience than people's own pouring and painting.

Now, some pharmaceutical packagings begin with spray bottles. This is mainly due to the use of spray bottles for spraying on the one hand, which enables the drug to better control the dosage. On the other hand, the patient's affected area is not easy to apply in some areas. For example, if the wound is applied, it will increase the pain of the patient. It is obviously more reasonable to directly use the spray bottle to spray the wound and absorb it. We think that spray bottles have some costs compared to ordinary bottles, but they are worth promoting. In some pesticides, foods and other fields should consider the implementation of spray bottles.

At the same time, if the spray bottle can be improved, such as the use of solid powder for pharmaceutical use in the spray bottle, it will bring great convenience to consumers. The prospect of spray bottles is extremely broad.

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