Strengthen supervision to curb package mess

At present, there are increasing varieties of grain, oil and food on the market. Some unscrupulous operators have taken the opportunity to play tricks on the colorful packaging, and have committed violations of laws and regulations by consumers. According to the supervision and spot checks conducted by the Gansu Provincial Quality and Technical Supervision Department on the market, there are the following problems in the packaging on the market.

One is less than two jins, and the packaging acts as a "net weight." If rice and flour are frequently purchased by consumers, the net weight of the package is 25 kg, and in fact, some packages are less than 25 kg. In addition, such as ham, instant noodles, salad oil and other foods and oils, the packaging included in the "net weight" range, infringement of the interests of consumers.

The second is to tamper with the column, "hanging sheep to sell dog meat." Some operators use packaging to shampoo and tamper with columns. Such as the quality of low-grade rice, flour and other packaging into the label of high quality and even brand name bags, deceive consumers. For example, the northeastern rice sold by Lanzhou City No.1 Grain and Oil Co., Ltd. is clearly labeled as Northeast rice at the price of 2.7 yuan per kilogram, but the local rice with poor color and quality of 2.3 yuan per kilogram is actually installed.

In addition, some unscrupulous traders openly use packaging to counterfeits. On the eve of the Spring Festival this year, some foreign vendors sold the new year's goods on the occasion of the Spring Festival, using exquisite black sesame paste bags, middle-aged and elderly milk powder bags, and stuffed with ordinary cornmeal and other rice noodles. Sealed packages were sold at a “big sale price,” “ The name "Great Clearance" was sold at a low price. Some people did not understand the authenticity and bought it as a gift for New Year. As a result, they discovered that it was a fake product after the Spring Festival.

The third is the date of change, ignoring the product warranty period. Food has a packaging date and production shelf life, expired foods cannot be consumed. In order to reduce losses, some manufacturers and operators have used packaging to revise the dates, either ambiguously or unclearly, or arbitrarily expanding the shelf life, and some simply do not indicate the date of production. The dealers are now selling them with the production date and shelf life. This type of problem is mainly manifested in canned goods, cakes, barbecue products, and non-staple foods, and some operators have altered, dug, glued, and reprinted expired food packaging, and have done everything possible to use packaging to harm consumers.

Fourth, the secondary packaging is seriously polluted. This is mainly reflected in some supermarkets randomly repackaging the merchant's food. Not long ago, Gansu Lanzhou City Department of Industry and Commerce, Health and other departments in the inspection of food quality in some supermarkets in Lanzhou, found that some supermarkets are free to secondary packaging of foods sold by suppliers, resulting in pollution, bacteria exceeded, quality decline, insufficient quantity .

Regarding the unpleasant phenomena in the packaging of grains, oils, and foods, the relevant departments must earnestly strengthen inspection and supervision, and should be punished immediately and severely punished.

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