Taste pure exotic style European and American style bedroom wardrobe recommended

[ Chinese wardrobe net ] Nowadays, European and American style furniture is becoming more and more popular. The two bedroom furniture set brought by Xiaobian today is simple and simple, a luxurious and exquisite. The design of each detail shows a strong exotic. Which one do you prefer for quaint American solid wood bedroom furniture and luxurious and refined European bedroom furniture?

Chinese style bedroom set

European style furniture can always bring a noble sense of court, showing a graceful and luxurious home temperament. This luxurious European-style bedroom set consists of a sophisticated openwork-style carved European bed and a crystal-pillared bedside table, and the atmosphere of the court is coming. Let's take a look with Xiaobian!

Product recommendation one; luxury court wind wardrobe

Specifications: 1835*580*2450


1 high-density fiberboard + resin or PE foam + built-in solid wood, to ensure the texture of the skin and the concept of environmental protection

2 hand-carved, hand-painted silver craft, exquisitely carved

3 paint: PE green paint black group + yellowing resistance factor (effective to ensure that the paint does not change for a long time)

Luxury court wind wardrobe

Bedroom Furniture

Features: The classic European-style palace style, inspired by the European architectural style from the 18th to the 19th century, blending the traditional European furniture design concept, blending the natural and European classic elements of traditional craftsmanship, just like a smile on your lips. It is full of freshness, coziness and elegance.

Product recommendation two: solid wood carved European palace double bed

Specifications: 980*700*820

Bedroom closet


European Palace Double Bed

Features: pure white color, meticulous and detailed pattern carving, beautiful curve shape, so that the whole bed has a strong European court style! From the bed to the end of the bed, even the foot of the bed reveals the European bed should have Dignified and grand carving.

Product recommendation three: crystal ball column bedside table

Specifications: 600*500*610

European pastoral wind wardrobe

Crystal ball column bedside table

Features: This bedside table is unique in shape and light in color. In addition to the curved side gives a fresh feeling, its unique crystal ball column decoration is also very eye-catching. In addition, its pure white corners and base can be cleverly blended with the palace-style bed to carry the European luxury style to the end!

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