The city is the poem and the distant place in the heart of Switzerland

There is a city in the northwestern part of Switzerland, bordering France and Germany at the same time, second only to Zurich and Geneva. At this point, the Rhine has suddenly witnessed a huge soaring transition from east to north and dividing the area into two parts. Here, Switzerland is both a cultural heritage and technology industry, known as the beautiful city of Swiss culture, Basel. © Leonid Andronov / Source: Then follow the footage and head to Basel to see the charm of the city. The city life is art The index of living well-being in Switzerland and its major cities has been hovering in the world's top three for many years. Its developed economy, well-being, education and the improvement of cultural and arts facilities are the source of happiness for the residents who live here. And all this is more generous to Basel, the Rhine separate the city, but also to gather residents on both sides of the Strait, people gather at the riverside to share the joy, food, and Hee sunshine. Figure: People in the city of Basel, on the Rhine   The famous philosopher Friedrich Wilhelm Nietzsche, who spent ten years at the University of Basel. During this decade, the city inspired many of his philosophical ideas. It is also the art scene and beauty of the area, allowing him to precipitate, think, and inspire him to publish his first monograph: "The Birth of a Tragedy." "Art is the supreme mission of life and the metaphysical activity of life." - Nietzsche Later, he resigned from leaving Basel began to schizophrenia, showing how important the living environment (nonsense) Oh, yes, this is also your favorite hometown of Federer. Federer Source: Through the time of the sample exposition As the capital of Swiss culture, Basel is also the number one exhibition city in the world. During the First World War, being affected by the war, people lost their confidence in the economic prospects and thus became negligible. Businesses have an idea to restore the tide : holding an exposition , gathering different types of companies from all walks of life, bringing samples of their products for public display, recalling public confidence in the industry, and promoting the company's strength . As soon as this plan was introduced, it was promptly implemented. It did not come to a great success that people flocked to the scene lively. Since then, the show has been held annually in Basel, Switzerland and has gradually become a traditional project, which is the predecessor of MUBA ( German: Mustermesse Basel ), Switzerland's largest public trade fair .   Early MUBA scene, full of people Source:   The early MUBA clock outside the hall , today has become a sign of Basel Watch Fair Source: Today, MUBA has a hundred years of history, which testifies to Basel's past, present and future. During this century, MUBA has slowly grown, developed and continuously demonstrated the successes of Swiss agriculture and industry. MUBA2017 logo Source: MUBA official website (Puzzle produced the ultimate Xiaobian) MUBA trade fairs are now evolving into world-class consumer fairs, with the most important exhibitions including Beselworld and Art Basel , among which Basel watches and jewelery Fair, has become the world's watch and jewelery and fashion trend of the vane. Figure: Today's Basel Watch and Jewelery Fair Every year in March, the glittering booths of major brands are lined with showrooms, while thousands of visitors are packed with the surrounding hotels. From watchmakers to jewelers, traders from diamonds, pearl and gemstones to machinery and related material suppliers. Businesses gather here to share and exchange information about the industry; and viewers hang around, admire and admire the art of watch and jewelery excellence. This article is reproduced, does not represent the world position of million table.

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