The default DVD movie can be watched at any time

Sealed Air's CryovacOS system technology won the Gold Award for Technology Innovation, a technology that applies to the unique requirements of Flexplay DVD discs for products. Created by Flexplay Technologies, Inc., as a new way to rent DVD movies, the complete oxygen-scavenging technology used in special film packaging for discs also won the non-food Silver Award for the annual DuPont Packaging Competition.

The DVD has a preset 48-hour viewing window that starts when the disc is removed from the package. Once the disc is exposed to air, the chemical reaction will begin immediately and the DVD will not be shown after the set viewing period. When the time comes, the disc will stop working. The length of viewing time is actually determined by the chemical drugs in the disc (Flexplay Technologies can provide different length of viewing time, according to customer needs). But before expiration, consumers can see how many times they want to see.

The limited projection technology offers a new option for home entertainment that does not cause quarrels and is unprecedented in flexibility and convenience. The viewing window opens only after the package is unpacked, so consumers can watch Flexplay DVD at any time, anywhere, without subsequent costs. The most important thing is not to return the DVD to the rental shop.

Thomas Kennedy, business development manager at Cryovac, said that OS movies are completely co-pressed multi-layered films containing an oxide barrier. The film used to produce the packaging integrates a multi-layer structure of at least 6 layers, including a copyrighted film layer, abuse prevention layer, oxidation barrier, encapsulation and oxidation removal layer. Both the inner and cover layers are supplied by Cryovac. The package consists of a shallow compact molded film consisting of a 10 mil barrier film T6010B and an oxygen-free, back-filled EVOH barrier layer. The 3.5 mil thick Cryovac OS oxygen scavenging encapsulation film was then thermally encapsulated on the formed film.

In conjunction with external flexible film packaging, the film's unique oxygen scavenging technology creates and maintains a low oxygen environment inside the package.

Cryovac has three main parts of this technology. First, the core of Cryovac OS Systems technology is the material unique to a layer in a multilayer film. Second, the Cryovac film is activated by UV light during packaging, which does not change the appearance or feel of the package, and moisture does not cause activation.

In contrast, oxygen scavenging was initiated by exposing the film to a Cryovac patented UV light triggering program, which was provided by the Model 4104 system. Once the film receives the trigger signal, it begins to purge oxygen within minutes.

Third, the film must pass through a quality assurance component, a clear confirmation system, which will quickly and easily confirm that the film has been properly triggered and is absorbing oxygen.

The disc is first loaded into the cardboard sleeve and placed in the film sleeve. When shipped and operated, the OS package's oxygen scavenging tool keeps the DVD in an oxygen-free environment for a minimum of one year.

Source: Packaging Expo

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