The new standard of environmental protection monitoring for serious furniture with excessive formaldehyde will be implemented

All along, the environmental monitoring regulations of furniture plagued buyers and sellers. Recently, in the second quarter of 2011, the supervision and inspection quality of products issued by the provincial and municipal quality supervision departments, the problem of excessive formaldehyde emission in furniture ranks first in product quality. This has attracted the attention of the industry and many well-known furniture companies. According to the reporter, the "New Standard for Furniture Environmental Monitoring" will be implemented within the year, which means that furniture environmental protection will have more authoritative and more standard monitoring basis at the regulatory level.

Furniture formaldehyde still exceeds the standard

The reporter learned from the Provincial Quality Supervision Bureau that the provincial quality supervision bureau inspected 95 batches of products from 95 production and distribution enterprises, and the physical quality pass rate was 80%. The main problems are the amount of formaldehyde released, the requirements for metal parts, and the strength of the drawer slides.

The Provincial Quality Supervision Bureau has extracted 95 batch samples from 95 production and distribution enterprises in Xi'an, Xianyang, Baoji and Weinan. After the materials used for furniture products, the amount of formaldehyde released, the spring requirements, and the back of the sofa , foam plastics and other items inspection, qualified samples of 76 batches, the physical quality pass rate of 80%. The random inspection involved 44 production enterprises in our province, and 43 batches passed the inspection. The qualified rate of physical quality was 97.7%. Most of the unqualified products come from Jiangsu, Shandong, Dongguan, Chengdu and other places.

It is understood that the amount of formaldehyde released in the problem product is less than 2 times the limit, and up to 5 times. The main reason for the unsatisfactory release of formaldehyde is that some companies use unreasonable adhesives for inferior man-made boards to reduce costs, or use waste building templates in raw materials.

Small brands become the worst-hit areas

In the list of problem companies published by the Quality Supervision Bureau, the reporter found that there were no well-known brands in the unqualified products, and the problem products were products of local small brands. The staff of the Provincial Quality Supervision Bureau told the reporter: "The small furniture brand has become the hardest hit area with excessive formaldehyde emission."

According to the sales staff of Qumei Furniture: “In general, large furniture brands will strictly follow the national environmental protection standards for production and distribution. Even many internationally renowned brands such as Qumei will be higher than the national standard, which is more demanding. Environmental standards, consumers can rest assured when buying such furniture, but the market is indeed filled with a lot of 'black workshop products', consumers should pay more attention when buying."

The reporter saw in a number of home stores, large and small furniture brands are dazzling, including some brands that reporters have not heard, and sales staff will explain: "Products are foreign brands, very famous locally or abroad, but Not familiar to local consumers."

Relevant personnel of the quality supervision department reminded consumers: “No matter what brand, consumers should not be confused. In particular, pay attention to the furniture of the special European and American style. Many of them are small brands that are produced and sold domestically. When consumers choose Be sure to smell it. If the display product has a pungent taste, consumers should be more careful to buy it."

In addition, Song Guangsheng, director of the National Indoor Environment and Indoor Environmental Product Quality Supervision and Inspection Center, advised consumers to avoid buying furniture with excessive formaldehyde, and first try to buy brand furniture. Secondly, the national furniture consumer goods specification requires manufacturers to identify the formaldehyde emission index of furniture. Consumers can ask the manufacturer to show.

The "new standard" of rights protection directly refers to the illegal quotient

It is understood that the "new standard for environmental monitoring of furniture" will replace the damage detection with non-destructive testing, that is, the whole piece of furniture is placed in a specific environment for testing, the furniture will not be damaged to any degree, and will not cause any sale or use. influences.

The promulgation and promulgation of the "new standard" is undoubtedly good news for the furniture industry. The staff of Hongmu Yajuge told reporters: "The introduction of the 'new standard' not only regulates market competition, but also reduces the concerns of monitoring the damage to furniture in the event of quality disputes between buyers and sellers, and protects each other's interests. "Consumers and women also said: "Non-destructive monitoring is undoubtedly a support for consumers. If we have doubts about the quality of furniture and environmental issues, we can boldly communicate with the business theory and ask for monitoring without fear of destroying the furniture itself, and falling into the business. Pulling the situation."

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