The three major filming exhibitions surprise the industry and call for counterfeiting

Many years ago, according to an authoritative media report in Italy, with the completion of the European Street in a certain city in China, many top Italian brands such as Zegna, Ferrari and Armani have settled here. However, they believe that the Chinese government's protection of intellectual property rights is weak, and the most worrying thing is that its products are counterfeited in China.

As a result, Italian brands have entered China to worry about the protection of intellectual property rights, just as a plague has spread and has not been dispersed for a long time. Nowadays, this nightmare is still being staged, and it has spread from the field of fast-moving consumer goods to the field of furniture products. From the “dialogue” between foreign brands and domestic brands, it has turned to “dialogue” between domestic brands.

Entering the spring of March, the furniture exhibitions in Dongguan, Guangzhou and Shenzhen are on schedule, with new designs, new levels, new trends, new applications, and exuberant. The design exhibition venue has expanded, the number of exhibitors has increased, the design of teachers and students of colleges and universities has entered production and application, and enterprises have participated in design selection and application, which is a lot of highlights.

In March, a vibrant month of innovation, but some discordant voices swirl around the ears. Three sounds of the thunder, the three major surprises, so that the three major furniture exhibitions in Guangdong and abroad are shocked.

壹拍: Guangzhou Furniture Fair is the first case of infringement

On the first day of the Guangzhou Pazhou Furniture Fair on March 18, the first case of infringement was discovered. Many products exhibited by Peacock King Furniture were exposed to the foreign brand Terry Qi, which was represented by the Dynasty Furniture. The media exposed the incident for the first time, which aroused the “counterfeiting” of the furniture industry.

Chairman of the Board of Directors of Teruiqi claimed that many products of Peacock King's furniture infringed on the appearance patents of its enterprise products, and said that they would fully defend their rights and strive to obtain protection under the normal market game rules. At the same time, he also mentioned that for many years, he regretted to see that Italian brand original products were frequently copied by Chinese furniture companies.

Coordination, on the morning of the 19th, Peacock King furniture was suspected of infringing a variety of products that were withdrawn from the booth. The relevant person in charge of Teruiqi said that it would not rule out further litigation in the local court.

Dramatically, the Peacock King furniture booth is only a few steps away from the royal furniture booth, while the Peacock King showroom contains allegedly infringing products, including beds, wardrobes, dressing tables, bedside tables, etc. More than 90%.

Three exhibitions in the furniture exhibition, Zhu Changling called for mobilization of the industry "counterfeiting"

贰拍: The Four Seas Joint Dynasty launched the Rights Protection Alliance

After the products of the brand of the dynasty were copied, it was also in the Guangzhou Furniture Fair. Four Sea Furniture found that many of its products were copied by the artist for 100 years. Sihai Furniture said that the allegedly infringed product was its exhibit at the Guangzhou Exhibition in 2010 and was fully launched in 2011.

On the morning of March 21, under the coordination of the organizers of the Guangzhou Furniture Fair, Sihai Furniture and artists had a “closed door” consultation in the past 100 years. The artist has promised to evacuate the allegedly infringing wine cabinets, chest of drawers and bedside tables, and promised to respect the protection of intellectual property rights in future manufacturing.

Kong Jing, director of the planning department of Sihai Furniture, said that after the exhibition, if the artist discovered that the products suspected of plagiarism had been put into actual production and sales for a hundred years, Sihai Furniture would resolutely defend its rights. “The road to rights protection can be tough, but we will definitely take it to the end.”

叁拍: Beijing furniture company Shenzhen again 掀 "counterfeiting"

On March 21st, the “anti-counterfeiting action” rose sharply. At the end of the Guangzhou Furniture Fair, Beijing Royal Modern Furniture Co., Ltd. received a report from the dealer, saying that it was located in the Jiangsu Senyan Furniture Exhibition Hall of Hall 6 of the Shenzhen Furniture Fair. The products on display were similar to those of Royal Furniture. "Senior."

Royal furniture immediately rushed to the Shenzhen Furniture Exhibition site to "counterfeit", alleging that Jiangsu Senyan furniture is exhibiting "Bali Art" counterfeiting "Royal Thick Square". On the spot, we found that most of the series of products from Senyan Furniture were purchased from the Royal, and even the Royal Art Gallery brand label (hot stamping) was taken away and directly used for exhibiting. The similarity between the two is over 90%.

Several major media from Beijing, Shenzhen and other places tracked the report on the spot. The netizens unanimously expressed their firm support for the Royal anti-counterfeiting campaign, supported the original design of Chinese furniture, and despised plagiarism and copying.

Zhu Changling and Wang Linpeng called for the whole industry to mobilize "counterfeiting"

“Counterfeiting” and “cottage” have become the key words of the three major furniture fairs in Guangdong in the spring of 2012. The three major shootings were amazed, and the original ability of Chinese furniture companies was tortured, reflecting the darkest side of the industry. Can't help but ask: Where is intellectual property, what is sacred? Why create? How to create?

For the cottage and plagiarism that frequently appeared in the furniture exhibition, Zhu Changling, chairman of the China Furniture Association, mentioned that the smuggling of counterfeiting habits often swayed the market, not being ashamed of being proud, thinking that they were smart, mobilizing the whole industry, giving restrictions and fighting for Change this situation. Wang Linpeng, president of the House of Reality, expressed support.

The Guangdong Provincial Furniture Association also severely condemned "those who do not get what they want." “Especially in the current industry transformation and upgrading, it is very important to respect design, respect talents, and respect intellectual property rights. There is a long way to go. Enterprises must constantly develop new products and relentlessly defend their rights. At the same time, they hope the government The department will improve efficiency, raise standards, and increase penalties."

"To make those people and things that are not worthy of work become a street mouse!" Guangdong Provincial Furniture Association has a strict meaning and a clear-cut banner.

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