The use of cosmeceuticals is counterproductive

"Pharmaceutical makeup" is an "intermediate product" between medicines and cosmetics. It is a cosmetic product produced according to pharmaceutical standards. Its products are more targeted, such as acne, allergies, pigmentation and other problems.

Experts pointed out that in order to cater to the needs of consumers, there are many counterfeit or inferior products on the market. Some products have no effect on cosmeceuticals at all, and some pharmacists have not evaluated these products from a professional point of view, so that consumers are unknowingly Blind consumption in the case of damage to health.

In addition, some consumers do not understand their skin quality, do not understand the contraindications of cosmeceutical use, blindly catching the tide, and the result is the skin damage.

Myth #1. Low-sensitivity herbal extracts do not cause allergic reactions.

Truth: If cosmetics are to claim low sensitivity, they must first undergo repeated skin tests to determine if there is any possibility of allergies. But in fact, many cosmetic companies do not do this. Therefore, it is claimed that low-sensitivity herbal cosmeceuticals may cause skin irritation!

Misunderstanding 2, herbal extracts have no preservatives.

Truth: All cosmeceuticals contain preservatives, and unless it is a creamy oil like petrolatum, there may be no preservatives. Therefore, it is meaningless to claim a cosmeceutical containing no preservatives.

Misunderstanding 3, herbal cosmeceuticals can improve skin firmness.

Truth: Tightness generally refers to the tension of the skin caused by muscle contraction. Skin cosmeceuticals generally do not really penetrate the muscle layer to shrink the muscles. Most cosmeceuticals or masks at most improve skin smoothness, color and texture.

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