Those people love at first sight - Seagull watch debut Asia-Pacific International Jewelry & Watches Fair 2016

From November 18 to November 21, the Seagull Watch was invited to exhibit at the 2016 Asia Pacific International Jewelery and Watch Fair, at the 3S02 / 4 and 3T01 / 3 stand at the Shanghai World Expo Exhibition and Convention Center. Shanghai World Expo Pavilion Seagull table booth Many precious jewelry watches in the million flowers, a root of precious metal wire, the use of pinch, fill, save, welding, braiding, weaving, heap, base and other eight major technology from simple and complex, tender boneless strands suddenly The wind skeleton, emerge or charming or elegant or smart or smart or rich three-dimensional picture - Seagull "Artists" series watch heritage of China's intangible cultural heritage "filigree" mosaic craft, equipped with "hyun moving wrist art" that Of the "Tourbillon" hand chain movement, finishing touch Smart Smart, elegant blue, white and two-color mother of pearl face with light and shadow change, jade roll-shaped lugs rippling thick ancient meaning, exudes a strong artistic beauty, as the presence of ladies Our heart yearning. Filament fitted watch The pursuit of the United States has never been the only woman's patent, in the seagull men's watch, there is no shortage of mountain-like wrist view. 618.663 Seagull Waugh series thin type tourbillon watch thickness of only 9.1mm, rounded sapphire hemispherical arc mirror, sleek lugs, echoes the "Waldo" (WATER DROP) thin design inspired by the source, tourbillon bracket Logo modeling Like the flying "Seagull," the patented design of the "weight-type adjustable balance wheel" cardless balance wheel hairspring system, the perspective of the bottom cover provides watch the fine manual movement by the watchmaker excellent vision, Highlight the old name of the domestic watch brand a solid skill. ST9200G-M Seagull three question watch is a jewel in the crown of high-level watches, domestic and even Switzerland, a handful of factories and artisans mastery, seagull ST9200G-M Tourbillon three asked appearance generally, but contains the universe - the movement consists of 338 parts Composition, has a double hammer two-tone spring, through the extremely complex mechanical devices to achieve three different kinds of spring sounding time, reported carved, reported. 2014 Swiss BASELWORLD International Watch and Jewelery Show, the famous Swiss independent watchmaker, master Philippe Dufour seagull asked the table evaluation is "beautiful sound" shows the excellent quality of the seagull, another complex structure, "Tourbillon" to join, making this Pieces of art work in sophistication and time quality to further enhance the poetry-like function and tourbillon Hyun moving people excited. Expensive watches are inseparable from the jewelry and precious metals, but born out of simple expensive, with sophisticated transmission and sophisticated technology to create complex but valuable simple. Filigree, hollow carved - they carry time deep, day after day carving condensed into a classic, tourbillon, three asked - their minute time in seconds, ticking turn moment, the seagull table capture Chinese culture The essence of the treasures and watches blend with each other, the achievement of people at first sight the art of time. 819.515 All along, the seagull watch adhering to a "Chinese heart", with independent intellectual property rights continue to introduce high-end complex structure such as tourbillon mechanical watch, forging domestic watch "spirit", in recent years its national technology center more aimed at the international watch technology Forefront, the relentless pursuit of superb technology movement, stable performance of products, the elegant atmosphere of the design, always embodies the classic unshakeable heritage. Seagull Watch Master generous appeal "grade" and the "craftsmanship" throughout, to make people love wearing watches, used to wearing watches and even from generation to generation, the brand's efforts can be seen. This article is reprinted from the table family, if you have any questions, please send an email to to contact us.

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