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Hangzhou Weilijia Foods Co., Ltd.'s Tetra Pak assortment 150ml sterilized flavored milk and Tetra Pak's aseptic traditional triangle packs new AD calcium milk production line formally put into operation, its unique packaging - triangular bag, became China's dairy packaging Another new form.

It is reported that the triangular package for dairy packaging, Wei Li Jia is still the first in the industry, Wei Li Jia also hope that through the triangular package this new unique and lively and lovely packaging model to seize the plastic bottle as the leading children's beverage market. In addition, the triangular package uses a Tetra Pak multi-layer composite package, which makes the product shelf life of 8 months, extending the product shelf life.

In the summer of 2004, Hangzhou Velijia Foods Co., Ltd., a subsidiary of Singapore-based VGO International, entered the highly competitive dairy beverage industry as a dark horse in the industry. They introduced three production lines from Tetra Pak and launched the lactic acid fermentation-type vitality concept of vitamins. Milk beverage - "V-kid", selected small-capacity 125ml Tetra Pak on the packaging (At that time, the Tetra Pak production line of this capacity, including Weilijia, was owned by only three companies in the country), with precise products Based on the market positioning, the company taps on highly differentiated products and marketing methods, and has achieved outstanding market performance. The popularity of products has rapidly increased. This time, Velija teamed up with Tetra Pak again in an effort to create the flag of “safety, nutrition, beauty, convenience, and economy” for children’s food, and to attract more Chinese children’s attention through the unique shape of Tetra Pak’s bag. Loved it, creating greater opportunities for companies to further expand their markets.

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