TUSCAN S interpretation of autumn "bag promotion"

When you do not travel, do not take risks, do not make-up and dress themselves, do not live the life you want, you never know how good you are. 20-year-old is doing 80-year-old can do what you want youth doing? Have you ever been awakened by this sentence that heart has long been quiet ambitious? Early morning wake you should be a dream, not an alarm! Do not choose the best in the most hard-working age! Dedicated to all young girls struggle.

All the way to grow more cherish than yesterday, today, TUSCAN S2015 bag with you all the way to peer witness.

Delicate cover design, gorgeous hawksbill twist lock fusion low-key luxury, integration TUSCAN'S bronzing LOGO exudes a strong retro atmosphere. The perfect arc design, to bring you a comfortable feel, easy to carry.

TUSCAN S演绎秋日“包包升职记”

Featured pressure of the first layer of leather layer of cattle leather, the perfect curvature of the soft feel more comfortable and more fashion beauty. Full of exotic tassels, romantic between the wisp emits a feminine atmosphere. Included in the detachable belt, hand-held ramp transient across the second, to meet the needs of different shapes.

TUSCAN S演绎秋日“包包升职记”

Picture source: TUSCAN'S

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