Wide range of sterile bag packaging equipment

In the past few years, stick bag packaging has been the focus of public attention. However, with the continuous development of packaging technology, the bags under the next generation of "spotlights" will be packed in sterile bags.

Recently, Volpak, a Spanish packaging machine manufacturer, has been known for its aseptic bag packaging machine, which is assembled with Ultraclean machinery to assemble a frozen food production line. The product has a shelf life of 28 years. day. In addition, the aseptic bag packaging machine can also be used by manufacturers who produce dairy products for packaging liquid milk, juice drinks, sports drinks, and soups. All the bags produced with this equipment are screw-top sealed at the top to facilitate consumer consumption.

Volpak has produced three ULTRACLEAN 999 horizontal form-fill-seal integrated sterile bag packaging machines for use in the European market. It is used in conjunction with the rear loading and sealing lines to package lactic acid beverages. Due to the very good use of the sterile bag packaging equipment in Europe, a company has ordered a fourth of the packaging equipment from Volpak.

Volpak's sterile bag packaging equipment is a fully sealed, circular production line with wind-like air flow and UV equipment to sterilize the packaging film on the production line. In addition, all components are sterilized inside the ring line through internal CIP/SIP systems. Volpak's distributors in the United Kingdom point out that this design embodies the advantage of a sterile bag packaging line compared to ordinary prefabricated bags.

According to the end-users who use the equipment, all production lines can be equipped with seal forming shanks and film cutting tables to remove excess packaging film for the production of special-shaped bags to enhance brand effect.

Source: Packaging Machinery

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