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Patent Name Wine Bottle Packaging Patent Applicant Ni Yongpei Principal Applicant Address 237271 Yingxiong Town, Huoshan County, Anhui Province Inventor Ni Yongpei Application (Patent) No. 200420080625.5 Application Date 2004.10.26 Issuing Date Validation Announcement No. 2743247 Auditing Announcement Date 2005.11.30 Instruction CD-ROM D0548 Main classification number B65D5/54 Classification number B65D5/54; B65D49/12 division Original application number Priority item summary The utility model discloses a tearing part arranged at a masking part, which is convenient for tearing out the wine. The wine bottle packaging box of the bottle is provided with a pulling member which is convenient for pulling by hand on the outside of the box body of the packaging box. The inner side of the box body is provided with a nick for tearing, and the nicks are arranged along the box body from top to bottom and pulled. The parts are located in the area enclosed by the nicks and are close to the nicks, which is not only favorable for tearing but also has masking properties. It can not be observed from the outside of the packaging box, and the appearance of the packaging box still shows good integrity and tearing. After the box, the bottle is easy to remove and it is very convenient to use. Sovereign item 1, a wine bottle packaging box, which is characterized in that: a pulling member (20) is provided on the outside of the box (10) of the packaging box to facilitate pulling by hand, and the inside of the box body (10) is provided with a tear-off The split nicks (11), the nicks (11) are arranged from top to bottom along the box body (10), and the pull member (20) is located within the range enclosed by the nicks (11) and close to the nicks (11). International Application International Announcement Date of Entry into the Country Patent Agency Hefei Chengxing Intellectual Property Agency Co., Ltd. Agency Address Agent Tang Maosheng

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