Winter night skin care makes the skin "water"

In the winter, the cold current is indiscriminately invaded, and the water is lost. It is like a fruit that has lost its moisture. It is no longer fresh and attractive. How can the skin be revived forever? Let's take a look.

First, thin seal night repair wrap
Thin seal maintenance approach: easy oil portion using "push" mode, easy to dry parts of a "pressure" manner, using ultra CADRE bits "fill" manner supplemented cream layer.

Step1, lotion, essence and other steps, the cream on the face of the whole face, according to the degree of dryness of the skin to determine the amount of cream.

Step 2. If the T-shaped part is easy to get oil, just push the cream evenly and let the skin have a thin film on the surface.

Step3: After pushing the cheek cream away, add a layer of cream to the corner of the mouth and press it slightly with your fingertips.

Step4. Finally, cover the entire face with the palm of your hand, so that the cream blends with the stratum corneum and evenly penetrates into the skin.

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