Wood preservative

Wood preservative;murolineum

An agent that prevents decay of wood during storage. Commonly used agents are asphalt, coal tar and pentachlorophenol. With the development of economy and people's environmental awareness, wood protection technology faces new opportunities and challenges. Developing wood preservatives with low toxicity, high efficiency, non-polluting environment, selectivity and economy is the key to be solved urgently in this industry. problem. At present, the development of wood preservatives has the following characteristics:

1 The use of copper as a fungicide is an important trend. Copper has a good inhibitory effect on fungi, good antiseptic effect, moderate price, soft environment and harm to humans and animals, so it is widely used in wood preservatives.

2 The method of compound fungicide development of new wood preservatives can have a broad spectrum, the use of less and so on. However, a good performance of the biocide composite configuration requires a large number of screening experiments.

3 Preservatives using a fixed mechanism of covalent bonding with wood components are the development direction. In this way, the preservative can form a stronger chemical bond with the components of the wood, reduce the loss thereof, and improve the long-term effect of the preservative.

4 The anti-corrosion department generally selects excellent wood preservatives from the development of long-acting pesticides and preservatives in related industries, which can reduce research costs and development costs. It has been proved that the formulation of various wood preservatives is very environmentally friendly and the anti-corrosion effect is also good, such as ISU30 and ISU40 of Shanghai Oumer Chemical.

5 Bio-preservation of phytochemicals extracted and developed with natural antiseptic properties is an important feature of 21st century wood preservatives, but the determination of active ingredients and the cost of large-scale extraction are the main problems of whether such preservatives can be industrialized.

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