"World Water Day" Nestle Launches Correct Recovery PET Bottle Action

From March 22nd to September 22nd, consumers simply log in to the Nestlé Drinking Water Company website, or paste plastic bottles from Nestlé’s “YUHUO” and “Deep Spring” bottled water or bottled water, together with your signature. The environmental declaration will be sent back to the designated address to join the Nestlé Drinking Water Green Action. You will also receive a fine handkerchief made of recycled PET bottle. You can also earn points for other environmental gifts made from recycled PET bottles.

On the 22nd is "World Water Day", Nestle Water Corporation's business units called on consumers to participate in the green action of properly recycling PET bottles. After drinking bottled water or beverages, the following four small steps should be followed: 1. Unscrew the bottle cap; 2. Squeeze the bottle; 3. Recap the bottle cap onto the squeezed bottle; Throw bottles into recyclable bins. This recycling method can save transportation space, reduce transport and sorting waste costs, and reduce carbon dioxide emissions and environmental pollution. PET bottle recycling material can be widely used in many areas of product production, such as cosmetics, high-quality carpets, plastic packages, clothing and car parts.

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