Wulingyuan Mountaineering Association Outdoor Safety Knowledge Training Course Phase I started

Wulingyuan Mountaineering Association Outdoor Safety Knowledge Training Course Phase 1 Date:2016-03-21 18:29

On March 18, Wulingyuan District Mountaineering Association organized a special training in outdoor safety knowledge in the conference room of the association. More than 20 registered members and outdoor sports enthusiasts participated in the training.

The training was highly valued by the Sports Association of Wulingyuan District. Liu Tianxu, the head of the District Sports Association, participated in the training and pointed out that as an outdoor sport to keep fit and healthy, the association must attach great importance to safety and establish an insurmountable safety awareness. Vigorously developing mountaineering is an important measure for the development of Wulingyuan's unique tourism resources. The association should actively explore how to link up with international standards and make due contributions to upgrade the quality of Wulingyuan Tourism. In the end, President Liu Tianxu also encouraged trainees to study hard, learn real skills, be happy outdoors, and live happily!

Zhang Donghui, a registered professional member of the China Mountaineering Association, has performed brilliant sharing of outdoor sports origin, development, development of domestic and outdoor sports, outdoor safety, field survival, and outdoor environmental protection. He emphasized that while enjoying nature and challenging the limits, it is important to Make full preparations to avoid safety incidents This training has made all participants feel that they have benefited and deepened their understanding of outdoor sports. According to the association's secretary-general, Bonjour, the outdoor safety training course is divided into three classes and nine classes. Through the combination of theory and practice, members and outdoor sports enthusiasts can fully grasp the knowledge of mountaineering and actively promote Wulingyuan through mountaineering. lMs Zhangjiajie News Network

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