You have to know these about dealing with dark circles.

Most people have such troubles, after staying up late, all night, the dark circles are also confidently leaping on the face. If you want to start a new day in a spirited manner, what should you do with this dark circle?

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Dr.E Beauty Researcher

Dr.E Beauty Researcher

1Q used a lot of eye masks are invalid, is my usage wrong?

A. Before using the eye mask, apply a hot towel to the eye, make the pores slightly open, and then attach the eye mask. The effect will be doubled. You can also cut a plastic wrap on the eye when applying the eye mask. The lower edge of the film is then hot-coated with a hot towel. When pressed by hot air, it can stimulate the active ingredients and accelerate the cycle.

Tarika Light Charm 525

Tarika Light Charm 525

Its light wavelength of 525 nanometers absorbs and decomposes pigmentation on the skin, thus reducing skin tone. Not only has a unique effect on dark circles, but also for whitening!

When the 2Q section is over, the dark circles are more serious. Is there any way to solve it?

A Uses eye serum containing VC to dilute dark circles, but it can't be used during the day. You can use moisturizing eye cream and rub your eyes before going out! In fact, getting up is also a key. When you get out of bed, be soothed, gently get up, don't jump up, or too much force will cause the microvascular rupture of the eye. Frequently apply hot towel with hot towel, add VC1000 mg every day, drink warm water, watch the computer get up every 30 minutes, and put on eye drops.

After rubbing the eye care products, you can use your fingertips to press the temples to the temples, and then press them back from the temples. The four fingers rubbed in the eyes and gently slide the temples on the eyes and press and hold for 3 seconds. The temples, the scorpions, the weeping, the eyes, the bamboo, the fish waist, the silk bamboo, and then return to the temples, to promote the eye circulation by pressing, do not have the pulling action.

Care products

Its magical active essence is three times as much as a face cream! Using a new concept of optics and chromatics, the addition of the Brazilian emerald component to the eye cream makes it easy to smash the dark circles problem both visually and fundamentally. RMB1500/15ml

The bags widely used in mineral, chemical, food, starch, feed, cement, coal, powdered or granular materials packaging, storing, also can pack dangerous products for Group II,III.


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