You must also do sun protection work by plane.

It’s time to go around again. Flying is the first step in the game. Don’t think that you can ignore a series of skin care steps such as sun protection when you are sitting in the plane. In fact, you should take care in flight so that you don’t When you arrive at your destination, you are worried about your skin problems.

You must also do sun protection work by plane.

Recommended for horny care before takeoff

Before going out from home, it is recommended that you first do an exfoliation treatment, apply a mask to the skin to fully and extensively add moisture, so that the skin can be fully saturated before the flight to resist the dry flight environment in the cabin, moisturizing cream You may also choose a hydrating and replenishing oil. Don't be afraid of being too greasy. Only heavy oil can seal the moisture in the skin.

Strict UV protection on the plane

Strictly guard against UV rays: Don't choose to sit in the window seat because you are eager to see the scenery. You must know that there are few clouds in the sky, and the ultraviolet rays outside the cabin will escape the clouds and the light will directly shine on your face. The damage is very large. It can be said that the damage caused by being exposed to the sun for one hour at a height is greater than the damage you get on the ground for a day! So no matter where you are in the plane, you must apply sunscreen. If you are a long-haul aircraft, you must strictly enforce the regulations every 2 hours.

Pay attention to eating

There will be a variety of small snacks on the plane, but we recommend that you eat less salt, high-sugar foods, salt will make you more prone to edema, and sugar will saccharify the skin. In addition, drink less alcohol and soda. These two kinds of drinks will make the body more easily dehydrated in the air. The healthiest food is just to eat more protein or snacks.

You must also do sun protection work by plane.

Remember to move

Some people may sleep all the long distances, but because the temperature in the cabin is low, it is difficult to sleep flat at home, so the blood circulation in the body will not be too good, you should preferably every few hours. Just stand up and walk around, lest the face and body be swollen when you get off the plane.

After flight

Once you get off the plane, you should immediately find the toilet to remove makeup and hydration. Use the lotion to pat on the face to speed up the blood circulation, make your body look good, and reapply some eye cream and moisturizer. After you have a mask, you must moisturize the skin to relieve the dryness in the cabin.

Do a good job in skin care to enjoy the whole holiday, so come and study beauty treatments and get ready to go out.

Bear pillow is a kind of Plush Toy that girls love very much. The market is in great demand. Its main material is made of plush fabrics and PP cotton filler. Plush cloth it mainly contains four kinds. The first kind of ordinary yarn, which belongs to BOA material, can be divided into light yarn, which is usually glossy and can be divided into Yin and Yang in different directions. And matte gauze namely dumb lubricious, do not have Yin and Yang face basically. The second kind is called special yarn, have flat cut wool cloth and long and short wool, wool length is controlled in 4-20mm range. The 3rd kind calls plush, wool grows in 20-120mm limits, 20-45mm limits can do any wool to grow inside, 45mm above has 65mm and 120mm only, belong to length wool, wool is straighter, not easy curl. The 4th kind is called roll wool, most are granular wool, lamb wool, or wool root is bundle shape, roll above. PP cotton, commonly known as doll cotton, hollow cotton, also known as the wadding, artificial chemical fiber material of polypropylene fiber, polypropylene fiber is (a kind of plastic lighter density, special attention is that polypropylene fiber is different from the polyester don't confuse) from craft to distinguish: mainly have hollow fiber and two, the product has good resilience, feel is smooth. The company's production of bear pillow shape lovely, soft touch, needle and thread density, exquisite workmanship. Delicate suture does not deform, does not fade, does not shed hair. A bear pillow can be given as a gift. If a man gives a girl a bear pillow during the period of love, it can make your love sweeter, more romantic and happier. Bear pillow is also the best companion and confidant to accompany children's growth.

Product display

Production process:

Shape design – Proofing – Typesetting – Tailoring – sewing - Nail eyes and nose - Hand sewing seam – modelling – Forming - Needle inspection - Check goods – Packing
1.First of all, the design department or the customer handed in the sample, and then handed in the blanking workshop, and blanking
2.Locomotive sewing, the main task is to sew the main body, cloth label, sewing accessories
3.Installation of nose, eye and other accessories
4. Filled cotton
5. Hand sewing, shaping
6. High Pressure Air Pump Blows off Surface Fluff
7. Inspection, while cutting off the thread head and brushing off the wool
8. Play hang tag, pack and deliver goods
Company situation

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Bear Hug Pillow

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